Mobile Suite

Mobile Retail Application for Customers

Unlike most so-called “mobile” applications for phones or tablets, omNovos has developed a true connective interface for customers, one that seamlessly delivers a genuine omni-channel experience.

As the primary interface and engagement tool for the customer, our Mobile Suite enables both in-store and online shopping simultaneously. The customer-centric side of our Mobile Suite enables your customers to not only scan and pay for goods as they shop in your bricks-and-mortar store, it also enables you to interact with them throughout the process—suggesting complementary items, engaging them through rewards programs, and enabling the real-time delivery of custom offers so you can up-sell and cross-sell. In all cases, the advantages for customer engagement are based on the specific customer’s profile and the associated predictive modeling of past and present purchases.

And, just like they would with an online store, customers can continue to shop after they leave your bricks-and-mortar store by switching seamlessly to your online presence. Mobile Suite can also help your customers find your locations, calculate shipping costs, and engage through multi-location inventory searches and online ordering, and more. 

So, what does all of this mean for your business? It means that your customers can: immediately scan and pay for items without waiting in long lines, be rewarded instantly for any and all purchases, and be continually engaged—even when outside your bricks-and-mortar locations. After all, your customers may not always be near your store, but your store can always be near your customers.

Did you know that you can interact with customers where ever they are?

How does one compete against the largest of companies that have bottomless pockets when it comes to technology and its gravitational pull? Retailers must look at making their customers’ shopping experience far more seamless, and far more connected.  

We can help you increase wallet-share whether it’s online, in-app, or in-store.

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Customer Engagement and Interaction Tool Features

Self Scan and Checkout

It’s fairly obvious that busy store fronts, long lines and preoccupied sales staff can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Mobile Suite’s Self Checkout functionality can help you not only to greatly reduce lines, but also to increase customer satisfaction—simply by transferring the Point-of-Sale system directly to the customer’s mobile device of choice.

Customers can easily scan items in-store, or choose items from your online store. They can start their order from wherever they wish, on their device of choice, and they can complete their shopping in any manner they like.

They can scan and pay on the spot in-store from an app using their smartphone. They can start an online purchase outside the store, conveniently picking up their order in the store. They can also select home delivery. Bottom line: Your customers can experience your store how they want. When they want, and buy anything they want. And it’s all from the device of their choice.

Additional features include:

  • Integrating the customer’s loyalty card and ongoing loyalty programs
  • Accessing loyalty programs
  • Applications to store credit cards
  • Suggestions for complementary items
  • Notifications on sale items and special offers
  • Customer sign-up for additional marketing materials including email and direct mail
  • Social media sharing
  • and more

Search and In-location Route Guidance

For you as a retailer, your customers’ ability to find what they are looking for at the nearest location, to know that it’s in stock, and to find it quickly and easily once in your store is crucial for better customer engagement and experience. It’s for this reason that Mobile Suite offers its unique Search and In-Location Route Guidance feature—enabling customers to use their smartphone to easily search for local products and available inventory.

Then once they find the products they are looking for when arriving in-store (through proprietary store technology using geofencing), your customers will have access to a multitude of search and find capabilities with in-store product locations automatically appearing on the mapping screen. Furthermore, every product is mapped to its in-store aisle location, which they can easily access on the map.

Multi-location Inventory Search, Online Ordering, and Location-based Fulfillment

By managing inventory and customer fulfillment, you reduce shipping and freight costs by eliminating the need to ship online orders across vast geographic distances—you leverage inventory from local, regional stores. Furthermore, you can now optimize inventory utilization; thereby improving inventory turnover and reducing carrying costs by automatically sourcing products from multiple inventory pools based on custom business rules.

Ultimately, this leads to improved gross margins on online orders by enhancing inventory sell-through. You can now avoid lost revenue due to discounted, clearance items by using stagnant stock from stores with low sales velocity—all while simultaneously managing out-of-stock scenarios. You can easily manage out-of-stock scenarios across digital channels and retail stores by leveraging inventory from across the entire retail network.

What does this mean for you? You can:

  • Enable online shoppers to pick up orders immediately at their most convenient location
  • Ensure that customers who enjoy the convenience of online shopping can still leverage the knowledge and expertise of your store associates
  • Attract new customers, retain loyal followers and reduce online cart abandonment by offering rapid, economical fulfillment options like in-store pickup, all while generating greater in-store up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Fulfill online orders using in-store stock leads to improve inventory turnover and reduce carry costs
  • Enable shoppers to purchase online orders and handle returns at their preferred store location

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

The universal challenge of retailers is ensuring that promotional materials including rewards and loyalty programs are received by the customer at the right time, and in the right manner. Through Mobile Suite, customers not only receive promotional offers—they receive highly custom points, rewards, and specials all based on their profile and buying history. Imagine, fully customized ads and offers in real-time delivered through the mobile application.

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