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Advanced Customer Engagement and Interaction Tool

The key to a successful omni-channel customer-engagement experience is empowering your workforce with the information and knowledge they need to truly engage the customer, information that provides insight into what a customer likes, their buying habits, and more. 

However, knowing who your customer is can be challenging, to say the least. With information from multiple sources—including point-of-sale inputs, loyalty programs, online shopping profiles, and more—it can be almost impossible to have a single customer profile. Until now.

Our Mobile Suite Concierge is a comprehensive customer-engagement application that delivers insight in real time to in-store staff. Using advanced location technology, you can notify in-store associates about who is in the store, then provide them with specific information about that customer. Staff will then be prompted through the interface with suggestions on what that particular customer may be attracted to.

Better customer engagement is just a click away!

With the proliferation of online shopping options, consumers are driven by instant gratification—that, along with price comparatives never before seen in the retail world, has created a new paradigm that is negatively impacting bricks-and-mortar retail stores.  

We can make your customer engagement experience one to be remembered!

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Customer Engagement Application Features

Reducing Cart Abandonment and Promoting Up-sell

It’s probably obvious by now that at omNovos we believe in converting your staff from cashiers to the ultimate concierge—helping your customers get exactly what they want, when they want it, and providing them with an experience your customers will remember. Thus, our application can provide customer service agents and managers with tools to prevent lost sales caused by out-of-stock situations and service problems.

When errors occur, or if you are unable to meet fulfillment and delivery promises, our save-the-sale technology enables you to analyze the problem and provide your customers with a fast solution; for example, discounts, promotions, free shipping, and more. You’ll also be able to avoid order cancellations.

You will be able to:

  • Empower your customer service agents
  • Mitigate order cancellations
  • Enhance average order value
  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Omni-channel Order Processing

It’s no surprise that online shopping and its inherent ease-of-use is drastically impacting brick-and-mortar sales. After all, the ability to attract customers to your retail location is paramount for better up-sell and on-going wallet-share. Mobile Suite delivers seamless integration into inventory and POS systems, enabling streamlined Omni-Channel Order Processing for your customers.

By enabling your customers to choose their shopping method, along with their delivery and pick-up method of choice, you can manage and support highly complex in-store fulfillment scenarios. By doing so, Mobile Suite Concierge helps increase your cross-channel sales, retail store foot traffic and customer loyalty.

For example, by using in-store inventory to facilitate in-store pickup for online order fulfillment, your retail location(s) have the opportunity to engage the customer at the time of pick-up to up-sell additional items. Conversely, you can also use ship-to-store fulfillment to automatically source available inventory after a customer makes an online purchase, shipping it to their preferred pickup location and notifying them when it’s ready for pickup.

Then, of course, there is the ship-from-store option, reducing your internal inventory management, storage, and shipping costs. Your store operations can become infinitely less complicated and much more efficient by providing faster delivery through converting your brick and mortar stores into localized distribution centers for online order fulfillment. Once your customers purchase online, their order passes through the intelligent order routing system that you’ve created based on individual store-level requirements and inventory reserves, routing automatically to the optimal store for fulfillment and calculating the customers shipping costs.

Search and In-location Route Guidance

For you as a retailer, your in-store associates’ ability to find what they are looking for at the nearest location, to know that it’s in stock, and to find it quickly and easily is crucial for better customer engagement and experience. It’s for this reason that Mobile Suite offers its unique Search and In-Location Route Guidance feature—enabling customers to use their smartphone to easily search for local products and available inventory.

Then once they find the products they are looking for when arriving in-store (through proprietary store technology using geofencing), your customers will have access to a multitude of search and find capabilities with in-store product locations automatically appearing on the mapping screen. Furthermore, every product is mapped to its in-store aisle location, which can be easily accessed on the map.

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