Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions

At omNovos, we fully understand the complexity surrounding omni-channel customer engagement. After all, with so many ways to engage your customers—from mobile or web-based advertising, to loyalty rewards programs, to purchase history and predictive modeling, to mobile or in-store point-of-sale engagements—your infrastructure, your systems, and your processes need to be connected.

However, far beyond that of the customer-facing aspects of omni-channel engagement, there is a much more complex architecture that must be in place—an architecture that enables the measurement, management, and in-depth understanding of your big data, and that provides the ultimate in business intelligence.

It’s for this reason that we have created three distinct offerings that represent all aspects of omni-channel customer engagement. From forward-facing applications and engagement strategy services, to data connectivity and management services, to business operations integration, our solutions are built around your success now and in the future, ensuring that your systems can continue to grow and be managed as more and more data becomes available—enabling you to continually Focus Your Business.

What can omNovos do for your company?

  • Faster sales

  • More comprehensive up-sell and cross-sell initiatives

  • Better customer engagement and loyalty

  • In-depth analytics that will help you to make better business decisions

  • Fully integrated systems and data to streamline and simplify back-office operations

Mobile Suite

Mobile Applications for Customers and In-Store Staff

Our Mobile Suite applications enables both in-store and online shopping simultaneously. Mobile Suite enables your customers to not only scan and pay for goods as they shop in your brick and mortar store, but it also enables you to interact with them throughout the process—suggesting complementary items, engaging through rewards programs, and enabling the real-time delivery of custom offers for up-sell and cross-sell based on that specific customer’s profile and the associated predictive modeling of past and present purchases.

Mobile Suite Concierge is our comprehensive Customer Engagement Application that delivers insight in real time to the in-store staff. Using advanced location technology, you can notify in-store associates who is in the store, then engage them with specific knowledge of that customer. You’ll then be prompted through the interface with suggestions as to what that particular customer may be attracted to.

Personalized Automated Customer Engagement (PACE) Platform

Omni-Channel Intelligent Automation Solution

It’s one thing to have all your data integrated into one cohesive environment, but what good is data if it can’t be actioned?

Introducing PACE (Personalized Automated Customer Engagement): The omni-channel intelligent automation platform. The true meaning of omni-channel has become the new world order of customer engagement—a new way of connecting with the customer in a bi-modal way. As a result, in-store and online purchasing have become one, creating a complementary and supportive system that drives online shoppers to the store, and drives in-store shoppers online.

Data Connectivity Professional Services

Better Data Integration Means Better Outcomes

The complexity of data management is not to be left to the faint of heart; thus, asking your internal IT team to create a fully integrated ecosystem connecting every aspect of your data and its associated parts is not only unfair, it’s unrealistic.

The ability to fully connect your new world of retail engagement and make omni-channel sales and marketing initiatives a reality takes proven technical expertise in the field of data integration, performance, and optimization to connect all your resources and infrastructure to ensure the best possible outcome and manageability.

omNovos has the expertise to integrate all of the systems required for a fully engaged omni-channel customer engagement business model.

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