Defining Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

In a world where information is available anytime, anywhere, it is no surprise that the concept of omni-channel and its implementation is a key priority for retailers across the globe. However, like so many new technologies, the definition and understanding of what omni-channel customer engagement truly is continues to elude many retailers.

Many companies that have emerged in the omni-channel customer engagement solution space focus directly on the end-user experience: mobile apps, online presence, in-store presence, etc. Nevertheless, few companies really understand what defines the omni-channel customer experience and the infrastructure needed to enable the omni-channel ecosystem.

Given the current view of omni-channel, it seems that the delivery of an omni-channel experience falls mainly under the category of marketing. And perhaps that is right. As global digital consumption continues to grow exponentially year after year, so do the choices for marketers in terms of reaching the customer. However, with this promised growth comes a small margin for error as consumers are technology savvy and know how to find information, how to utilize their networks, and how to engage transactions across an ever-increasing number of interactive channels.

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