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Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions

Mobile devices and traditional desktop computing have completely changed the way people engage with the world. This includes how we collectively interact, share our thoughts and experiences and, by extension, how we expect other people or groups to interact with us. 

Pair this new world order with the needs of a retailer and the concept of sales and marketing changes dramatically. Your customers now fully expect to be marketed and sold to; however, with this new expectation comes the desire for marketing to be a fully personalized, engaged experience that speaks only to them.

The result: Our world has become omni-channel.

At omNovos, we are enabling this new, personalized world through the creation of an evolved technological ecosystem, one that supports both the customer and the retailer and fully connects your online and physical stores. Imagine, a world where you are connected to your customer, while enabling far better customer conversion metrics through full omni-channel customer engagement. 

omNovos’s Mobile Suite enables this ever-present, personalized connectivity, including mobile device–enabled tools for customers and in-store staff. To drive and manage this connectivity is our PACE (Personalized Automated Customer Engagement) platform, a comprehensive management system that propels our clients into a new realm of personalized omni-channel sales and marketing automation. And lastly, our Data Connectivity Services provide the expertise to successfully integrate all aspects of a business-changing customer-engagement system. 

Through omNovos, you and your customers can truly engage in a fully bimodal manner, enabling you to serve them in a way, at a time, and in the place that best suits them—giving you a business focus that will truly drive your sales to new heights.